1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Our Current Network of Researchers

Every year, UNRISD mobilizes a global network of scholars. In 2018, this was estimated to be 405 scholars, of whom 43% were from the Global South and 53% were women. The majority of collaborating researchers were commissioned on the basis of open competitive processes.

Working with and through country-level research teams not only ensures that empirical findings are grounded in local realities, but also builds research capacity and knowledge. Many scholars are brought into this network through short-term collaborations on specific projects. The UNRISD network also includes scholars who regularly exchanged and engaged with the Institute as part of a broad “community of practice” around social development.

Researchers from the Global South, in particular, appreciate the access this affords them to wider research (including South-South) networks; activities such as methodology workshops and comparative studies which expose young researchers to new methods and debates; and a platform for promoting work on the global stage and, in particular, within the United Nations system.