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克服不平等: 走向新的 生态社会契约 - UNRISD 战略 2021–2025

克服不平等: 走向新的 生态社会契约 - UNRISD 战略 2021–2025
本战略阐述了联合国社会发展研究所在 2021–2025 年期间的优先事项和工作主题。它整合了研究、交流、政策参与、结果和影响,并根据快速变化的社会、经 济和政治背景对发展的影响进行调整。它是与广泛的利益攸关方合作的成果,并考虑到了委员会政策关切点和学术辩论结果。我们的目标是填补已确定的认知空白,同时预测正在快速发展但尚未成为主流的社会问题。

展望未来,我们工作的全球背景是令人难以置信的充满着挑战。虽然有可能逆转发展成果的力量是切实存在的,但 UNRISD 认为,今天充满动荡和不安的社会、经济和政治环境也同样构成了一个真正的机会,可以推动渐进式创新思维,即一个“更好地向前推进”的机会,重新构想和重新配置社会的组织方式,并以长期的视角,通过增加对公共服务和社会和经济弹性结构的投资来提供支持。



Overcoming Inequalities: Towards a New Social Contract - UNRISD Strategy 2021-2025
The Institutional Strategy sets out the priorities and themes of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development over the period 2021–2025. It integrates research, communications, policy engagement, results and impact—and is calibrated against the fast-moving social, economic and political context as it impacts on development. It is the product of work with a wide range of stakeholders, and takes on board policy concerns and academic debates. We aim to fill identified knowledge gaps and also to anticipate fast-evolving social issues that are not yet in the mainstream.

The global context for our work as we look ahead is incredibly challenging. While the forces threatening to reverse developmental gains are very real, UNRISD believes that today’s fraught social, economic and political context equally constitutes a real opportunity to advance progressive, innovative thinking—an opportunity to “build forward better”—to re-imagine and reconfigure how societies are organized, supported by longer-term perspectives and increased investment in public services and resilient social and economic structures.

It is in a spirit of realism, positivity, determination and resourcefulness that this document sets out our work for the next five years, organized across five programmes:
—Transformative Social Policy
—Gender Justice and Development
—Alternative Economies for Transformation
—Environmental and Climate Justice
—Translating Research into Policy and Practice—Bonn Programme.

→ UNRISD Strategy 2021-2025 is available in the six official languages of the United Nations : [Arabic] [Chinese] [English] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]
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  • Pub. Date: 12 Aug 2021
    Pub. Place: Geneva
    From: UNRISD