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Pro-Poor Macroeconomics: Potential and Limitations

Economists increasingly agree on the nature of the development and social policies needed to halve poverty over the next ten years. A similar convergence is nowhere in sight in the case of macroeconomic policies. Disagreements in this area remain significant, exacerbated by rising financial instability and a string of banking and currency crises that impacted negatively on poverty, growing macro imbalances in some industrialized countries and the rapid development of difficult-to-regulate international financial markets. This volume presents a pro-poor macroeconomic policy allowing countries to recapture policy space, help promote growth, reduce inequality and diminish poverty in a sustainable way.


Potential and Limitations of Pro-Poor Macroeconomics: An Overview; G.A.Cornia
Pro-Poor Fiscal Policy in the Globalized Economy; R.Jha
Can Monetary Approaches to Stabilization be Pro-Poor?; S.K.Chand
Exchange Rate Regimes for Development and Poverty Alleviation; G.A.Cornia
Portfolio Flows, Macroeconomic Policy and Global Poverty; C.E.Weller & R.Chaurushiya
The Effects of FDI on Growth and Inequality; C.Bonassi, G.Giovannetti & G.Ricchiuti
Safety Nets for the Poor: A Missing International Dimension?; S.G.Reddy

Financial and Trade Reforms and Impact on Poverty and Income Inequality: The Case of Mauritius; S.K.Bundoo
Macroeconomic Policy, Growth, Redistribution and Poverty Reduction: The Case of Malaysia; W.C.Hui and J.K.S.
The Search for Macroeconomic Stability and Growth under Persistent Inequality: The Case of Chile; A.Solimano & M.Pollack
Macroeconomic Policy, Inequality and Poverty Reduction in Fast-Growing India and China; C.P.Chandrasekhar & J.Ghosh
Heterodox Macroeconomic Policies, Inequality and Poverty in Uzbekistan; G.A.Cornia
Macroeconomic Policy and Pro-Poor Growth in a Dualistic Economy: The Case of Bolivia; S.Klasen
Has Macroeconomic Policy Been Pro-Poor in Brazil?; J.S.Arbache

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