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Conference Report: The Crisis of Social Development in the 1990s: Preparing for the World Social Summit

Report of UNRISD's 30th anniversary conference, Geneva, 7-8 July 1993

In 1993 UNRISD celebrated its 30th anniversary. Anniversaries provide an opportunity for a reunion with friends, colleagues and associates. They are also an occasion for celebration and reflection. For a research institute, it is natural to celebrate its anniversary with a symposium on a theme close to its mandate. Fortunately this did not present the Institute with a difficult choice. The General Assembly had passed a resolution in December 1992, requesting the Secretary-General of the United Nations to make arrangements for the World Summit for Social Development to be convened in Copenhagen in March 1995, with the following three agenda items: enhancement of social integration, reduction of poverty and generation of productive employment. The Institute decided, therefore, to take advantage of this happy conjunction of events to devote the anniversary conference to a reflection and dialogue on the crisis of social development in the 1990s. The UNRISD anniversary conference thus provided the first occasion outside the General Assembly deliberations for a serious debate and discussion on the themes before the Social Summit.
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  • Pub. Date: 1 Jan 1994
    From: UNRISD