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States of Disarray: The Social Effects of Globalization (Russian edition)

This UNRISD report provides a comprehensive analysis of some of the world’s major social problems and their relationship to the changes that have taken place in world politics and economics in recent years.

Part I discusses the momentous changes associated with globalization that have radically altered the scale and nature of social problems.

Part II explores the linkages between globalization and key social issues such as migration, crime, drugs, ethnic conflict and the reconstruction of war-torn societies.

Part III examines the impact of globalization on institutions at local, national and international levels and suggests a path of institutional reform that is needed to guide the process of globalization in a more cohesive direction.

“States of Disarray is the first attempt I have seen to define and describe economic and financial globalization, and to trace through the social effects this…phenomenon. It is a heroic effort.” From the 1995 endorsement of the report by Louis Emmerij, Special Advisor to the President, Inter-American Development Bank.