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La Consolidación de las Iniciativas de Economía Social y Solidaria: Alcances y Desafíos de Procesos de Recuperación de Empresas de Argentina (The Consolidation of SSE Initiatives: Successes and Challenges of Recovering Argentine Enterprises) (Draft)

This paper undertakes a comparative analysis of two “regained companies” (enterprises recovered and managed by their workers) from Argentina. Almost two decades since the beginning of the processes of restoring Argentine enterprises, it is important to analyse and characterize processes that have succeeded in stronger and relatively stable enterprises. Therefore, this paper focuses on the “consolidation” of the process, understood as a moment in which the production, employment and income became relatively regular; some practices and decisions became routine and institutionalized; and a particular course of the organization became predominant. These characteristics are indicators of these processes and companies, and to the institutionalization of new working arrangements.

María Victoria Deux Marzi is Research Fellow at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario and the Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, researching social and solidarity economy. Her papers and books include Experiencias de Economía Social y Solidaria: Compartiendo Estrategias y Aprendizajes.