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Dialogue about Participation, No. 1.

This UNRISD series, consists of four publications: one published in 1981, one in 1982 and two in 1983. It reflects the Institute’s engagement with participatory research, which supplied groups and movements involved in emancipatory or livelihood struggles with tactically useful information, and engaged them in dialogues that would generate consciousness and empowerment.

The volume was written in a participative manner: an Issues Paper was circulated to 32 selected policy makers, academics and activists, and their comments and the author’s reactions make up the text of this publication. The Issues Paper discussed was “The Urgency Factor and Democracy: A Theoretical Contribution to UNRISD’s Debate on Participation” by Willem F. Wertheim.
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  • Pub. Date: 18 Nov 1981
    From: UNRISD