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Social Policy and Economic Development in the Nordic Countries

This volume examines the relationship between Nordic social policy and economic development from a comparative perspective. It identifies the driving forces behind the development of the Nordic welfare model and the problems and dilemmas the model is facing at present. The book also traces the link between democratization and social policy, drawing attention to the role of the state and non-governmental organizations.

Social Policy and Economic Development in the Nordic Countries, a volume edited by Olli Kangas and Joakim Palme, examines Nordic social policies on unemployment, social care, family, education and health care policies, and reviews future challenges of the welfare state in the information society.


1. Social Policy and Economic Development in the Nordic Countries: An Introduction, O. Kangas and J. Palme
2. Coming Late–Catching Up: The Formation of a “Nordic Model”, O. Kangas and J. Palme
3. Voluntary State-Subsidized Social Insurance in the Advanced Industrialized World since the 1890s: The Nordic Experience in Comparative Perspective, E. Carroll
4. Empowering Social Policy: The Role of Social Care Services in Modern Welfare States, A. Anttonen
5. Family Policy and Cross-National Patterns of Poverty, T. Ferrarini and K. Forssén
6. Education and Equal Life-Chances: Investing in Children, G. Esping-Andersen
7. Fighting Inequalities in Health and Income: One Important Road to Welfare and Development, J. Fritzell and O. Lundberg
8. Does the Welfare State Harm Economic Growth? Sweden as a Strategic Test Case, W. Korpi
9. Growth and Employment in the Nordic Welfare State in the 1990s: Crisis and Revival, J. Kiander
10. Financing “Big Tax” Welfare States: Sweden During Crisis and Recovery, O. Sjöberg
11. The Nordic Model of the Information Society: The Finnish Case, P. Himanen
12. Does the Most Brilliant Future of the “Nordic Model” Have to be in the Past?, O. Kangas and J. Palme

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  • Pub. Date: 1 Jul 2005
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    ISBN: 1-4039-4163-7
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