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La déforestation dans les zones de savane humide en Afrique centrale subsaharienne

"Deforestation" is not limited to forest areas in sub-Saharan Africa; the phenomenon affects tree cover in the transition and savannah zones of the region as well. The savannah extends over large tracts of francophone sub-Saharan Africa and is populated by groups that vary greatly in their traditions, needs and practices in relation to the environment.

Concerned by deforestation in these fragile zones, where most people are poor, public authorities and NGOs have initiated numerous development projects focused on agriculture, cattle raising and reforestation.

This Discussion Paper, in French, identifies the factors directly influencing deforestation in such regions. It also raises probing questions about the extent to which complex and frequently costly development projects respond to the needs of the population. Are technical approaches effective in dealing with deforestation? Does dissemination of information give rise to noticeable improvements in the livelihoods of the people most affected? Do the projects take account of traditional knowledge in their research? Affirmations of popular participation notwithstanding, is there really a change in the practices of those involved?
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  • Pub. Date: 1 Jan 1996
    Pub. Place: Geneva
    ISSN: 1012-6511
    From: UNRISD