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Handbook of Research on the Illicit Drug Traffic: Socioeconomic and Political Consequences

Description: Focusing on a highly controversial and fiercely debated subject, this survey tracks the social and economic consequences of the production, trafficking, and consumption of cocaine, heroin, and cannabis. From a growing body of literature, LaMond Tullis has extracted the most salient economic, social, and political themes currently under discussion in both scholarly publications and in the responsible press. The two-part volume consisting of a lengthy review of relevant literature and an annotated bibliography helps its users understand the major issues: Can and should consumption be curtailed, supplies suppressed, and traffickers eliminated? Can the unintended economic, social, and political consequences of curtailing, suppressing, and eliminating somehow be mitigated? Should these drugs be legalized? Would legalization produce its own array of unintended and largely unacceptable consequences? Although tentative answers to these questions abound, this excellent resource is testimony to the fact that there is still little agreement on how to deal with these powerful substances and the problems they generate. Tullis's compilation presents the best overview of this complex subject to date.

The first half of this two-part reference consists of a survey of the published literature on the production and consumption of the three illicit drugs. Chapters are devoted to the global patterns of production and consumption of cocaine, heroin, and cannabis, to the consequences, both positive and negative, of drug consumption and production, and to the policy measures that have been adopted (or are under consideration) in both consuming and producing countries. These chapters will be of interest to those wishing to obtain an overall view of the subject and to specialists seeking a guide to the literature outside their particular area of knowledge. The second half of the book contains an annotated bibliography of about 2,000 items covering works published in English--plus a few in Spanish--as books, articles, or press reports. This section will be invaluable to researchers working on the frontiers of the subject and to general readers who wish to pursue particular topics in greater depth. The volume should be at the fingertips of policy makers, legislators, law enforcement officials, judges, and social workers, as well as students and teachers.

Table of Contents: Illustrations; Foreword by Keith Griffin; Preface; Introduction; Survey of the Literature; Patterns of Production and Consumption; Cocaine; Heroin; Cannabis; Consequences; Rise of a New Genre of Organized Trafficker; Implementation of Countervailing; Initiatives; Demand; Proffered New Solutions; Loci of Activities to Reduce Demand; Loci of Activities to Reduce Supply; Loci of Activities to Reduce Criminality and the Spread of AIDS; Summary of Part I; Drug and Drug-Related Literature; Annotated Bibliography; Index

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  • Pub. Date: 1 Jan 1991
    Pub. Place: Westport
    ISBN: 0 313 27846 6
    Type: Hardback
    From: Greenwood Press