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Catch News: #ActEqual fails to shock. Gender equality needs a whole other approach

18 Feb 2016

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  • Title: #ActEqual fails to shock. Gender equality needs a whole other approach
  • Author(S): Sneha Vakharia
  • Date: 3 Feb 2016
  • Publication: Catch News

"The first video shows men carrying pots of water across villages to get home. It's a job we traditionally associate with rural women. So when we see men do it, it surprises us. With the knowledge that in an ideal world, it shouldn't.
The second video has men harvesting the crop while two women on a tractor look on. Another substitution of one gender with the other. The third shows a boy performing household chores, looking after his younger sibling and waiting for his sister to come home from school. Another gender role reversal. Another shock and awe.
The videos are pointing to a very important problem in this country: Indian women are thin and overworked.
They chronically suffer under the double burden of both agricultural labour and house work. According to a report by the UN Research Institute for Social Development, women perform on an average, ten times as much housework as Indian men. That ratio is the worst in the world."

By Sneha Vakharia, Catch News, 2015

Click here to read the article.

Also access the UNRISD's report on "The Statistical Evidence on Care and Non-Care Work across Six Countries".