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GSP Forum: "Growing with Jobs: The Role of Institutions", in the Journal Global Social Policy, Vol. 15, Issue 2, pages 188-197

27 Jul 2015

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  • Title: Growing with Jobs: The Role of Institutions
  • Author(S): Sarah Cook
  • Date: 24 Jul 2015
  • Publication: Global Social Policy

This report can be read as part of the larger effort of United Nations specialised agencies to ensure that issues critical to their various mandates are part of the post-2015 agenda. It is one of a number of documents from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) which make the case for employment, decent work and social protection (SP) (issues left out of the initial formulation of the MDGs) to be firmly embedded within the new Sustainable Development Goals. Such reports thus constitute part of a terrain where the struggle over ideas to shape both the priorities and eventually the means of implementation of the new global agenda is taking place.

Sarah Cook, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development.

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