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Book: Renewing Social and Economic Progress in Africa: Essays in Memory of Philip Ndegwa

1 Jun 2000

With contributions by eminent specialists, this book analyses critical political, social and economic problems in sub-Saharan Africa and proposes strategies and policies for revival and progress. The major themes discussed are civil wars, political instability and repression, economic crisis, unemployment, poverty, urbanization, social development, environmental degradation, regional cooperation and globalization. The book puts forward policy approaches for reconstruction of war-torn societies, strengthening of democratic institutions and processes, health improvements, promotion of economic growth and employment, environmental regeneration and integration of African economies at regional and global levels.

The essays take an integrated view of political, economic and social crisis in Africa over the last part of the twentieth century. The proposals for policy reforms are based on a sober assessment of past trends and a realistic view of changes in the global environment and the reforms currently being undertaken. The book addresses a wide audience and serves and an excellent introduction to political, social and economic developments and provides and agenda for reforms in the early years of the twenty-first century.

African Development in Retrospect and Prospect, Dharam Ghai
Health Status and Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Long-Term Perspective, Giovanni Andrea Cornia and Germano Mwabu
Urbanization, Unemployment and Migration in Africa: Theory and Practice, Michael P. Todaro
Poverty, Employment and the Informal Sector: Some Reflections on the ILO Mission to Kenya, Hans W. Singer and Richard Jolly
Civil Wars in Sub-Saharan Africa: Counting the Economic and Social Cost, Frances Stewart
Social Dynamics of Environmental Change in Africa, Dharam Ghai
Environment and Sustainable Development in Africa, Maurice Strong
Democratisation, Equity and Stability: African Politics and Societies in the 1990s, Yusuf Bangura
Africa in an Interdependent World: A Partnership of Vision and Principle, Dunstan Wai
Structuring Economic Reform in Africa, Edgar O. Edwards with Wilson Kinyua
Roads to Regionalism: Survival, Security and Efficiency, Reginald Herbold Green
Africa in the Global Economy, Gerald K. Helleiner
Annex: Philip Ndegwa: A Biographical Profile

Dharam Ghai was the Director of UNRISD from 1987 to 1997. He is now Advisor to the International Institute of Labour Studies of the International Labour Organization.

Renewing Social and Economic Progress in Africa is co-published with Macmillan. Paperback, ISBN 0-333-77911-8, 334 pages, £25, 2000. Hardback, ISBN 0-333-73412-4, 2000, £70.