1963-2018 - 55 years of Research for Social Change

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Edouard Morena

Collaborating Researcher

Edouard Morena is co-coordinating the Just Transition Research Collaborative project and contributed to the webinar series.

He previously worked at UNRISD from January to July 2006 as a research intern with Kléber Ghimire on issues relating to civil society and social movements, and a subsequent collaboration with UNRISD led to a chapter titled "Campaign or ‘Movement of Movements’? Attac France and the Currency Transaction Tax (CTT)" published in Utting, Pianta and Ellersiek (eds.)
Global Justice Activism and Policy Reform in Europe: Understanding When Change Happens (UNRISD and Routledge, 2012). Two of his think pieces are published on the UNRISD website: Civil Society Engagement in the Green Economy Debate (25 Nov 2011) and The Just Transition: Making Sure a Low-Carbon Economy Leaves No One Behind (2 Nov 2016).

At the time of his collaboration with UNRISD in 2018, Edouard Morena is a lecturer in French Studies at the University of London Institute in Paris. He holds a PhD from King’s College and has been involved in research projects focusing on civil society organizations, civil society participation in international environmental processes, and the role of philanthropy in global climate debates. Among his latest publications are “The price of climate action: Philanthropic foundations and the global climate debate” and “Globalizing the climate: COP21 and the climatisation of global debates” (co-edited with Stefan Aykut and Jean Foyer).