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Guide to the SSE Think Piece Series

  • Project from: 2012 to 2016

This series of think pieces by scholars and practitioners working on a broad range of issues within the field of SSE is one of several activities in the UNRISD inquiry on “Potential and Limits of Social and Solidarity Economy”. These contributions present in a succinct manner a variety of perspectives, including:

  • the nature and impacts of different organizational forms, for example, cooperatives, women’s self-help groups, fair trade networks, informal workers, social entrepreneurship and social enterprise;
  • the prospects for realizing the potential of SSE in different institutional and political contexts.

The think pieces are being published in the build-up to and beyond the UNRISD conference “Potential and Limits of Social and Solidarity Economy”, which took place on 6-8 May 2013, in collaboration with the International Labour Organization and the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service.

Conceptualizing and Locating SSE Values and Practices

Scaling up SSE through the Market

SSE and the State

SSE, Resilience and Sustainability

Solidarity Finance and Complementary Currencies

Gender Dimensions

Guest Think Pieces and Blogs